Detailed measurements and photographic documentation of existing conditions are crucial elements of the design process – from initial conception through final construction. Combined with HDR Panoramic Photography, 3D imaging provides a cost-effective, accurate and efficient means to capture the data necessary for documentation, design and construction.

Benefits of 3D scanning include:

  • Reduction in field data collection time
  • Rapid data collection of large areas with tremendous accuracy
  • Reduction of costly return visits to site

3D laser scanning is applicable to numerous situations including as-built documentation for pre-construction and construction; historical preservation and renovation; building information modeling (BIM); and permanent 3D representation of sites, whether digital or printed.

Benefits of HDR Panoramic Photography include:

  • Accurate capture of true RGB values at the site, with several different exposures to obtain data that otherwise may be lost in highlights and shadows
  • Photo data can be mapped directly onto the point cloud data for highly accurate “true color” display
  • When combining multiple setups, a virtual tour can be created, allowing the viewer to explore 360 degree views of the site from the comfort of their desk


Office Fly-Through: Exterior

Office Fly-Through: 2nd Floor

Point Clouds in Revit: 3D View

Point Clouds in Revit: Dimensions